LAHORE - Chairman CM Taskforce on Spurious Drugs, Dr Saeed Elahi has said that during a crackdown, spurious and smuggled medicines worth Rs2 million have been recovered from a notorious criminal Tasaddaq Hussain from Imam Din Medicine Market in Lohari Gate. He said that on his disclosure, a large quantity of spurious medicines has also been recovered from a plaza at Ganpat Road. Dr Saeed Elahi said that all the medicines recovered were substandard and harmful. He said the criminals have disclosed that they purchase medicines from Karachi and abroad besides manufacturing locally and later these medicines are sold in different districts of the province. Dr Saeed Elahi further said that after a long period, action has been taken against influential mafia. He further said that Drug Inspector Shoukat Wahab had conducted this successful operation and important disclosures are expected from the criminals, in the light of which more spurious drugs would be recovered. Dr Saeed Elahi said that recommendations have been made to the federal government that punishment for those involved in manufacturing and selling spurious medicines should be enhanced from 10 years to lifetime imprisonment and federal ministry of health has also been contacted in this regard.