LAHORE-Punjab Minister for Law & Parliamentary Affairs Rana Sanaullah Khan has said that the Federal Minister for Law Babar Awan is promoting hatred among the provinces by using the term 'Takht-e- Lahore in his every statement and has thus become a security risk for the federation of Pakistan. In a statement issued on Sunday, Rana Sanaullah said that it seemed Babar Awan was a quack in politics and was bent upon undermining national solidarity and democratic values. He said that by criticizing 'Sasti Roti Scheme for the poor and destitute people of Punjab, Babar Awan had exposed his scant regard for the welfare of the people. He said that enlightened people of Pakistan will hold Babar Awan accountable for his political misdeeds. Rana Sanaullah further said that appointment of Chairman NAB had exposed the real merit of Babar Awan and that of the PPP. He said that Babar Awan could not hoodwink the people and conceal his corruption as well as that of other politicians like him by pretending to be complainant and the judge by himself. Law minister said that Babar Awan should honestly tell the people whether his party steered the country out of crises or plunged it deeper into problems like load-shedding, price-hike, lawlessness, nepotism and economic meltdown. He said that Babar Awan was engaged in a negative and malicious propaganda campaign against Punjab government as he was afraid of the rising popularity of Khadim-e-Punjab due to his welfare policies and efforts of the Punjab government for the relief and rehabilitation of flood victims. He said that in fact Babar Awan was not following the party policy but promoting the agenda of hidden forces. He said that Babar Awan should mend his ways otherwise patriotic people of Punjab and other provinces know how to silence such elements.