Supreme Court (SC) has rejected the petition filed by the government seeking more time in connection with NRO review case saying government should let the hearing of the case proceed on as it ill suits the government to use dilatory tactics and malafide intent is no solution to this matter. A 3-member bench of SC comprising Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, justice Ghulam Rabbani and justice Khalil ur Rehman Ramday took up the petition for hearing Monday. During the course of hearing advocate on the record Raja Abdul Ghafoor and Attorney General (AG) Moulvi Anwar us Haq appeared in the court. AG said Kamal Azfar had been appointed advisor to the prime minister. Government wanted to change its counsel, therefore, some more time be allowed on this count. "During the previous hearing adjournment was given at your request and government was allowed time", CJP remarked. Looking at the notification, CJP said " notification of Kamal Azfar was issued on Sunday. Issuance of notification on Sunday indicates ill intent of the government. It does not suit to government to use such delaying tactics. Why was government in so much haste that the office was got opened on Sunday and notification was again issued. The entire government machinery has been put into use. Courts are being let down which is not a good thing. If government is serious it can withdraw the notification of Kamal Azfar". "Lame excuses were made earlier too. Common man is seeing every thing. If government has been running for so much time then it will run two days more too . Nothing happens in two days. Government will not stop if notification of two days is retracted", justice Ramday remarked. The CJP while addressing AG said " Earlier Masood Chishti had filed review petition and then he was appointed law secretary. Kamal Azfar was to present his review case on behalf of the government and he has been appointed advisor. Government wanted to seek more time on the pretext of changing the counsel. It is not known if the consent of Kamal Azfar was taken or otherwise on notification. Government should give up cutting jokes with courts. Kamal Azfar remained on leave from August, 22 to October, 10". Raja Suleman counsel for another party Mubashar Hassan said during the hearing that these all things showed that government was resorting to delaying tactics.