PESHAWAR The Pakistani women MPs, both in provincial and national assemblies, are found to be having more financial assets than their male colleagues. According to sources, 15 women members of provincial, national assemblies and Senate have assets including diamonds and a large quantity of gold ornaments. Some women MPs have also been found with more financial assets in male-dominated Parliament and provincial assemblies of the country. It is pertinent to mention here that these reports have surfaced after all the members of Senate, provincial and national assemblies were asked to submit details of their financial assets by October 15. Election Commission of Pakistan has started the verification of details of assets submitted by Members of the Parliaments. The details have shown some women MPs claimed that they had no gold ornaments or few while some have claimed they had no vehicle and were using that of their brothers, fathers and husbands. The exact details of the financial assets of the Parliamentarians will be issued by ECP after completion of scrutiny and verification process.