LAHORE - Punjab Governor Salman Taseer on Sunday defended PPPs decisions and dispelled disfigured impressions about the party, as he asked the PML-N - repeatedly using pronoun 'they instead of pinpointing - to clean its house and measure up itself first before making judgements about the federal governments performance and doings. Being run as per courts stay, the Punjab govt has miserably failed repeatedly, and the PPP is constantly supporting it to move on so that the present dispensation and system remain intact, maintained Taseer while addressing party gatherings at Muridke and Naushahra Virkan, where he had gone to inaugurate a gas supply scheme and paddy harvesting. Taseer brushed aside the impression of a questioner about the endgame of the 'fight fire with fire between the PPP and Nawaz-League, saying he was correcting the provincial govt and giving honest advice so that people did not suffer because of their wrongdoings. He recalled that when the Punjab govt initiated Food Stamp Scheme and gave Rs5m to each MPA, he had told Shahbaz Sharif that it lacked transparency. Resultantly, billions of rupees were embezzled. Secondly, I raised objection to the Sasti Roti Scheme, considering the fact it will not benefit the intended class, rather will serve political purposes. In both cases, the CM was forced to eat humble pie after losing stupendous amounts of money to the ambitious projects, he observed. He also predicted that the Danish Schools would also be a failure. Instead of improving the existing schools and helping the poor students, he (CM) wants to establish more Aitchison Colleges, he remarked. The governor lauded the Centre for carrying out transparent projects sans any political considerations. He cited 'World Bank and IMF appreciated Benazir Bhutto Income Support Programme, and Watan Cards as recent success stories. We provided provinces with cards, and now if the N-League is bragging about its success, we have no objection since it is meant for the people, he asserted. Taseer lauded President Asif Ali Zardari for shedding his powers through the 18th Amendment He said Nawaz had admitted to Zardari that he was not anticipating the passage of the amendment. He quizzed the N-League over demanding share from foreign funding when it was repeatedly arguing that no funds had been given to the Centre because of PPPs dubious credibility. If no money has been given, why are you demanding share? he asked. He also dismissed rumours about govts change and prophesied that the PPP would rule till 2033 when only the N-Leagues kids would be there. Who is Premier Gilanis replacement? Which is the national party to form govt at Centre? he said, while chiding that the PML-N was not even a GT Road party after losing the by-polls. About opening of cases against Zardari, he was of the view that the cases had lost standing now. Nawaz had begged pardon from Benazir Bhutto at the signing of the Charter of Democracy, while their architect Saif-ur-Rehman had fallen in Zardaris feet for committing these blunders upon others instructions, he said.