The Supreme Court announced its judgment on Thursday last on the suo moto notice it took against the atrocious and wanton killings of the innocent citizens in Karachi. The apex court had reserved its verdict against wholesale killings and ferocious terror in the Sindh metropolis on September 06, 2011. It is astonishing why the Supreme Court took 20 long days to announce its verdict which is nothing but a bundle of observations. It is worth mentioning here that mere observations cannot change the destiny of a nation which is touching its all time lowest nadir. Nowhere in the world, observations have changed violence into peace. The Supreme Court has observed that Provincial Government has failed to perform its constitutional obligations and duties. Its as true as the belief that God is one but the honorable Court should have announced the reward or punishment to provincial government for its stark failure which took the heavy toll of innocent citizens of Karachi. Some parties besought the Supreme Court to clamp a ban on MQM but the apex court has said that it is the sole responsibility of the Federal Government and not the Court to ban any political party. In this respect, the Court should have issued a notice to the Federal Government to ban all those political parties which turned the peace into chaos in Karachi. But perhaps the apex court is well aware of this fact that the Federal Government has learnt the art of disobeying its orders. The Supreme Court has aptly observed that as many as 5000 innocent persons were butchered in Karachi for the past three years. In this regard, the highest court should have held the provincial government responsible and its bigwigs should have been asked to resign. The apex court has rightly observed that the Federal and Provincial governments have failed to protect Articles 9,14,15,18 and 24 of the constitution but what punishment should be accorded to those who have failed to enforce these articles should also have been announced by the court. The Supreme Court has not succeeded to come to the rescue of the citizens of Karachi from the brutality of the miscreants of different political outfits. Mere observations wont help to bring lasting peace to Karachi. Since there are no crystal clear orders given to check violence in Karachi, peace seems to be illusion in future in the mega city of Karachi. MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, October 7.