Most politicians are elected on the basis of the promises they make to serve the masses of their constituencies. However, the after-election scenario is always different. Their sudden transformation from the ordinary to sublime not only changes their psyche but also makes them highly conscience of their newly found VVIP status and the privileges claimed right or wrong between which unfortunately they cannot even differentiate. Naturally, the traffic on roads including the ambulances must stop for them. They have to have special VVIP lounges and check-in counters at the airports. And, so what if the flight and hundreds of passengers have to wait for their late arrival for the boarding? As far as serving the masses is concerned, regretfully they cannot. Firstly, they are inaccessible to them for reasons of protocol and security and secondly, it is now the self before the masses that has to taken care of. And, surprisingly they make no bones about it. They just haggle and quibble openly for it. A case in point - the ongoing squabble for the limousines and posh offices between the returning MQM and Functional League ministers in Sindh and a few of the Q League not content with what they are offered. Of course, everyone of them needs the shining limo and the elegant office badly to serve the masses earnestly and enthusiastically. COL. RIAZ JAFRI (RETD), Rawalpindi, October 9.