In November 2005, almost a month after the 7.6 magnitude of earthquake struck the AJK and tribal areas of Pakistan, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) estimated that a sum of $5.2 billion is needed to reconstruct lost assets and restore services in the quake-hit areas. Subsequently, the international community provided over $5.4 billion aid for the rehabilitation process. Although only two weeks after the disaster, the Earthquake Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Authority (ERRA) was established to supervise the process, but the New Balakot City has yet to be established to accommodate the homeless people. A sufficient number of quake-affected people is still homeless. There are 1200 schools in the calamity-hit areas where no proper shelter is available for children. Who will answer that why the quake-affected people are still homeless and helpless after six years of the calamity? This is one of the major reasons that the international community does not trust us and it has not provided sufficient aid for the flood-affected areas. ATIF K BUTT, Lahore, October 12.