Chairperson of UKs Conservative Party and Minister in Prime Minister David Camerons cabinet, Baroness Saeeda Warsi has said that Britain was serious in resolving the long-standing Kashmir dispute with which there was no question of lasting peace in the South Asian region. How can there be peace as long as two major countries remain entangled on a sensitive issue like Kashmir. Ms Warsi urged both India and Pakistan to resolve this issue on a priority basis and through peaceful negotiations. Kashmir is regarded as an 'un-finished agenda of Britain and if it wants to resolve, there is no reason why the two sides cannot move forward. Ms Warsi would be fully aware that despite best efforts by Pakistan, India has always avoided a meaningful dialogue on one pretext or another. If New Delhi is serious in resolution of the Kashmir conflict, it should stop calling the occupied Valley as its integral part. The Security Council had long since proposed the holding of plebiscite under the aegis of the United Nations that India agreed at that point in time. President Obama pledged in his election speeches that he would facilitate settlement of Kashmir conflict. There is hardly any doubt that if America and Britain make serious efforts, they can force India to accept the verdict of the Kashmiri people.