A: Have you seen that animated series for children? ‘Quaid seh baatain’? I think it is brilliant. The idea of teaching children through cartoons I believe is the most effective way. They have these mini episodes with messages such as ‘peaceful and tolerant Pakistan’ or ‘Quaid’s example of being change you want to see in the world’. I wish my childhood had something like this.

S: I would have done away with the Quaid part, and had just a normal person teach these children. But yes, this is a great initiative for finally moving away from the ridiculously narrow-minded musings we feed our children about nationalism. We cannot get past India, the military or the incessant need to claim Kashmir as our own-making sure the younger generations follow the same frame of mind. Maybe, initiatives like these will actually try to combat these delusions.

A: Okay you really need to stop reading those conspiracy theory books and relax. Not everyone hates everyone else in Pakistan. I just think TV for children can now also be informative – a huge leap from the trash we see nowadays. I mean the amount of pointless shows that these children watch, with the parents letting them, mind you, is ridiculous. Give them a book to read or some creative outlet, rather than letting their brains rot in front of these machines.

S: I’m sure these kids will be well-versed in any ‘Saas-bahu’ or dramatic ‘love drama’, more than anyone else. These dramas should really be banned, given that we love censoring everything. Let’s put that red tape to good use. Hopefully, informative TV series will overcome such senseless dramas soon.