Over a decade ago, in Pakistan, TV screens were ruled by the Indian dramas. Although the content of Indian soaps lacks the quality and are prolonged with predictable scripts. However, the success of the soaps was determined on how long it will run and how much it is capable of wooing the audience.

The scenario has changed now. Both India and Pakistan audiences are flattered from the dramas of Pakistan, due to their meaningful scripts that highlight any social issue or depict women liberalism in a short span of time. The reason behind the Pakistani dramas acclaimed all over the world is their scripts and plots. For the Indian audience Zindagi channel opens up the option by airing Pakistani Dramas , to watch content based dramas with a definite ending, rather than their benchmark soaps which are long and revolve around the rivalry between mother and daughter in law. Our culture and tradition are conquering the hearts of the Indian public. A victory of hearts and soul is more convincing than the victory that won by the used of weapons, and that is what our Pakistani dramas are doing in India.


Islamabad, September 8.