KARACHI - Following the rising complaints by residents over the harassment by the police, the Karachi police chief has barred his cops from harassing young couples for inquiring about marriage certificates and humiliating them publically.

The directives came from Karachi Police Chief Dr Amir Sheikh on Wednesday in a letter issued to the deputy inspector-generals of the three zones in the city and called for stringent actions against such policemen.

The matter came in the rise of complains by residents of the metropolis, stating that policemen in mobiles and motorcycles stop couples and inquire about their marriage certificates to seek proof of their marriage. The letter warned the involved police officers that such complains should not rise again, especially among women. Stringent actions have been warned against police officers deployed at the beach and other places if proved guilty in the matter. “There is general complaint that policemen in mobile and motorcycle harass and humiliate couples by asking them to show “nikahnama” to prove their credentials as husband and wife. You are hereby directed to issue strict instructions to the subordinate staff not to demand Nikahnama from any person. In future such complain shall not be tolerated and action against supervising officers will also be initiated,” reads a notification issued on Wednesday.


The father of the Intezar Ahmed who was killed by the firing of the Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) has said that he will approach the Sindh governor and chief minister to register his complaint against the investigation officer of the case. The victim’s father on Wednesday visited the Central Police Office to approach the IGP Sindh Dr Syed Kaleem Imam about to complain of the investigation officer of the case, however, Imam did not meet him and his staff given a two day-time for a meeting.

He said that he came to register his complained against the IO of the case as he is not cooperating with him while a key suspect in the case, inspector Tariq Rahim is not being arrested. He further said that he will approach the Sindh governor and chief minister if the IGP Sindh will not meet him.

Intezar Ahmed was shot dead by the firing of the Anti-Car Lifting Cell (ACLC) of the Karachi police in Defence Housing Authority (DHA) on January 13. Intezar’s killing was termed an act of targeted killing by the police in their initial report. However, the case took a U-turn after the ACLC team’s involvement was discovered.