LAHORE - World Day against Death Penalty was observed in the city on Wednesday. Two events including a theatrical performance were held to mark the day.

Redemption Pakistan, a non-profit organization, organized a theatre Play depicting live testimony of ex death row prisoners at HRCP Auditorium. Director Redemption told The Nation that the day reminded the people to show care for people who are on the death row. 

Actor Sarmad Khoosat completed a 24-hour live performance as Prisoner Z, in solidarity with death row prisoners all over the globe. His performance showed the Prisoner Z’s last day before his imminent execution.

Set inside a replica of an actual death cell, Prisoner Z’s journey was streamed online for the entire duration of World day against the death penalty . #NoTimeToSleep also trended for hours on Twitter.

No Time to Sleep was based on the life and case history of Zulfiqar Ali, who spent 17 years on death row. In that time, his execution was scheduled and stayed more than 20 times. During his incarceration, Zulfiqar educated hundreds of prisoners, securing 22 degrees and diplomas himself.

Prisoner Z went through five stages of grief including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance and ‘No Time to Sleep’ portrayed what happens to prisoners prior to execution, based on accounts of guards, former prisoners and their families. In Pakistan, 4688 people are at death row but this figure is a significant drop in comparison to 2014.