Islamabad     -    Senator of Pakistan People Party Sussi Palejo has said that Punjab has opposed the appointment of two members from Sindh in IRSA and alleged that Federal member in water regulatory body is being nominated from Punjab.

While talking in Senate standing committee on water resources, Palejo said that the rules are being violated in the nomination of IRSA Federal member. The minister for Water Resource, Faisal Vawda had Wednesday said that Punjab had strong reservations on the presence of two members from Sindh Province at IRSA while the Federal Government/ Federation has no representation in it.

Senate standing committee on water resources that met under the Chairmanship of Senator Shamim Afridi discussed the matter of compensation to affectees of Mirani Dam and unanimously recommended to ECNEC to remove the condition of third party validation of the compensation to the affetees of Mirani dam. Deputy chief planning informed the committee that ECNEC has asked for the 3rd party validation of the previous payment to the affetees of Mirani Dam prior new payment.

The committee after hearing the provincial and federal planning and development ministries has recommended to the Balochistan government to take the matter up with ECNEC requesting them to remove the condition of third party evaluation for payment to affectees.

The Committee agreed with the view of the provincial government that after the passage of seven years from 2012 it is almost impossible to conduct the on ground survey by a third party to make estimates of losses and hence the compensation money of 96 crore be paid to affectees without the evaluation. The Committee also called for releasing the remaining money also at the earliest.

The committee took notice of the absence of Chairman WAPDA and Federal Secretary Planning from the meeting. Chairman WAPDA was supposed to brief the committee about the sea intrusion in coastal areas and construction of Sindh Barrage. Sussi Palejo questioned about the absence of Chairman WAPDA and she was told by Federal Minister for Water Resource Faisal Vawda that he has undergone surgery. Sussi Palejo said that the chairman WAPDA had undergone surgery now but he is not coming to committee for the last three months. When Army Chief and Chief Justice can attend the parliamentary committees meetings then WADPA chairman is worthless, he should also come to attend it, Sussy Palejo said. She said that Faisal Vawda cannot brief the committee instead of WAPDA chairman. 

Senator Mir Kabeer asked that why Secretary Planning has not come for the meeting? He said that show cause notice should be issued to Secretary Planning Zafar Hassan for not attending the meeting of the committee. 

The Committee deferred discussion on details of land lost due to sea intrusion in different coastal districts of Sindh and the construction of Sindh Barrage and its impact on reduction of sea intrusion till the Chairman WAPDA himself can make it to the meeting and brief the committee who is currently on medical leave.

The Committee also discussed the matter of grant of technical/engineering allowance to the Engineers off WAPDA @1.5 times basic pay, the committee was told by WAPDA that this policy is being implemented by provincial governments but WAPDA follows federal government hence cannot give this grant.


Regarding the Yetabad Spate Irrigation Scheme in District Dukki the Committee members decided that a consultative session be held between the provincial Planning and Development department and the area tribal elders to reach a consensus after which measures will be taken to get the project funding renewed again.

The meeting was attended among others by Senators Mir Kabeer Muhammad Shahi, Yousaf Badini, Sassui Palejo, Ahmed Khan, Mirza Muhammad Afridi, Sardar Shafeeq Tareen, Minister for Water Resources Faisal Wada, Secretary Water Resources and senior officials from federal government, Balochistan government and WAPDA.