ISLAMABAD The Federal Government would decide to impose either one-time proposed floods tax on residential and agriculture lands or a flood surcharge to help generate local resources after forthcoming special session of the UN General Assembly on Pakistans floods. The special UN General Assembly session is slated for September 19, which would also be attended by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi. Pakistan would evolve its future course about rehabilitation of floods-affected people and reconstruction of the floods ravaged area after the UN special session, official sources informed TheNation on Friday. The Government may further extend levying of floods surcharge after hosting the proposed donors conference. It is still premature whether the Government would go far loans or grants from the international donors agencies. These all important issues would be decided after the UN special session and outcome of the donors conference the Government was planning to host soon, sources added. Also, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gillani would like to see the outcome of his visit to Europe by the end of this month. Thorny issues like one-time floods tax or floods surcharge can not be decided at this stage until and unless the Government exhausts all its other options seeking maximum financial and economic help from the international community, sources said. They were also of the view that the Government was moving very cautiously about credit the international financial institutions such as the Worked Bank and IMF were considering to offer to Pakistan to tackle the post-floods economic challenges. This is yet another serious challenge whether the PPP-led ruling coalition opts for loans and seeks mix bag of concessions including maximum grants from the international donors, sources said.