ATROCITIES by Indian security forces in occupied Kashmir continue unabated riding roughshod over peoples rights and religious sentiments, even in the holy month of Ramazam. The pity is that the Kashmiris have even been denied the right to attend to their religious obligations like Aitkaaf. It was quite chilling to see how the Indian army unleashed its savage fury and brutally tortured a number of the faithful, busy praying in a mosque in Srinagar. Reportedly seven men who were inside the mosque were forced out of the mosque at gunpoint and then savagely beaten. On the same day, the police opened fire on a crowd and injured dozens of people. This simply shows that the Indian security forces not only target the active freedom loving population, but they feel no qualms in suppressing those who are totally docile. The Indians indulge in violence for the sheer sake of deriving pleasure out of it. In other words, it is violence for violences sake and years of Occupation have virtually predisposed the Indian forces towards barbarism. On the other side of the spectrum, where the world community continues to maintain a guilty silence over illegal Indian Occupation, and western capitals have given preference to courting India over listening to the cries of help by the suppressed Kashmiris, the adjournment motion submitted by PML-N leader Mian Nawaz Sharif in the National Assembly in order to check Indian human rights violations is a ray of hope in that at least it would send a strong message to New Delhi that it was not a free for all in Kashmir. The house arrest of a notable freedom fighter and the fact that the Indian forces unleashed their fury on everyone who came out on the streets to protest, was among the factors that prompted the PML-N to swing into action. This would also serve to remind the Indians that patriotic Pakistanis have rejected Musharrafs Kashmir policy and would under no circumstances abandon their Kashmiri brethren. At the same time, greater stress needs to be put on the UNSC resolutions, which have been wickedly thrown into cold storage on account of Indias clout in the Western world. Besides, the world community cannot afford to ignore the issue so casually, as its very own peace and security indirectly depends on the Kashmiri conundrum, which has to all intents and purposes become a nuclear flashpoint and threatens a global conflation of horrific proportions. It is high time that all that is happening in Kashmir was recognised not just as a writing on the wall but also a slur on Indias claims about democracy.