ISLAMABAD President of Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE), Amjad Agha, has said that the Kalabagh Dam would have reduced the fold peaks, and considerably reduced the intensity of floods in the areas downstream of Kalabagh Dam. Kalabagh Dam alone would not provide flood protection against devastation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In order to give protection to the KP from floods along with Kalabagh, Munda Dam on Swat River must be constructed, Amjad said while his comments were sought on the issue on Friday. He said that two reservoirs of Munda and Kalabagh Dams along with Tarbela Dam would provide protection to the KP province as well as to the area downstream of Kalabagh. The KB and Munda Dams were also treated as twin in the WAPDA Vision 2000-2050, he said. According to him, the volume of water in the current 2010 floods is huge, particularly the enormous flows emerging from Swat River. This flood is unprecedented and a huge quantity of water (50-70 million acre feet) is going to the sea unused. Kalabagh and Munda Dams could store only 7 million acre feet of water, he maintained.