Recently one of the two persons belonging to PML-N remarked on a T.V. channel in Capital Talk that one option of mid term election was available in the face of mounting pressure on the sitting government, unleashed by lack of good governance, super flood and stories of corruption and lack of goodwill to accept Apex Court Judgement. As per saying of first caliph of Khulfa-i-Rashdeen - Hazarat Siddiq-i-Akbar (R.A.), If I went wayward, the people could set me right. It is permissible to have the people terminate the tenure of sitting rulers. The PPPs stand that they must complete five years mandate irrespective of their dismal record does not stand on the touchstone of Islam as no ruler has unalienable right to serve for five years which is subject to peoples will. As such we should not be alarmed by the scope of mid term elections. DR. M. YAQOOB BHATTI, Lahore, September 8.