MONZA (Italy) (AFP) Fernando Alonso said there were no 'special feelings despite evading further punishment from the FIA for his Ferrari teams antics at the German Grand Prix. Although they decided not to give Ferrari any further punishment, the FIA have announced that they will be reviewing the team orders regulations. The 29-year-old Spaniard, who won the German race after his Ferrari team-mate Felipe Massa handed him the lead during the closing stages of the race, said he had moved on from the controversy but was happy for the FIA to try and clarify the rules. He said: I think we were very concentrated on Monza already and we are set. We are aware of the decision of the FIA and just have to respect it. That is the past for us and we concentrate on this weekend. I think we talked already too much in the August break about the Germany incident - as my colleagues said, I am happy that the FIA will try to go into the rules and try to clarify if there is any sort of something that is not completely clear in the rules. We can then be all more clear - there is no special feeling. McLaren driver and defending champion Jenson Button said it was important that the FIA acted quickly in order to level the playing field. He said: Obviously it was not down to us, so our opinion doesnt matter in this situation, the decision was down to FIA who is the governing body. But the important thing is we get a clarification of the rules, so we are all working with the same regulations. That is the key.