KARACHI (AFP) - Fresh rains hampered rescue efforts in Sindh Friday as thousands of people trying to leave flood-threatened towns remained stranded, a provincial irrigation minister said. The catastrophic flooding that has inundated vast swathes of country, killing 1,760 people so far, has continued to flow south towards the Arabian Sea and still threatens to submerge more towns and villages in its path. Fresh rains have affected rescue and relief efforts and thousands of people are still stranded in different towns of Dadu district, said Sindh Irrigation Minister Jam Saifullah Dharejo. He said that more rain was due Saturday (today), further endangering the strained river embankments as officials, military and local residents worked to bolster the defences around Dadu district. Dadu district and the town of Johi are still in danger of flooding, but rain is hampering our mobility to reach out to the maximum people, he added.