According to a recent research study an alarming number (almost 90 %) of suicide bombers are between the ages about 12-18, hence most of them are teenagers who were indoctrinated and brainwashed to create havoc in society. The accounts of such children who were either captured or their families brought them to rehabilitation centers are horrifying as they were subjected to torture and drug abuse in order to carry out the deadly missions. The counseling of such children is not an easy task as the victims often suffer from frequent guilt trips and trauma. A broader rehabilitation program is needed which gradually prepares these children for life outside their center; such programs should entail sports and recreational activities along with livelihood skills so that they can be part of a productive workforce. The number of youth in Pakistan exceeds over 41 million and if this youth is not provided a constructive outlet chances are they can fall prey to extremist ideas. SADIA HUSSAIN, Islamabad, September 8.