As if the floods were not enough to wreak havoc in our lives that the blasts are further increasing our miseries many folds. The recent blasts that took place in Lahore, Quetta, Lakki-Marwat and Kohat are being carried out on two lines; to widen the sectarian gulf between various Islamic Religious sects and to eliminate the law enforcement agencies i.e. police force from our country which already paints a gloomy picture of law and order. Yet there chief aim remains to paralyze the Pakistani state. The blasts on occasion of Yaum-e-Ali and Yaum-ul-Quds clearly reflect the same pattern on which the shrines of Data Gunj Baksh and Rehman Baba were earlier bombed. This mirrors the attempts of fuelling the sectarian differences between various Islamic religious sects. We have Islamic religious sects in our society, which are already quite intolerant to each others views and ideology. They even do not bother to listen and meet one another. With such a dangerous level of intolerance among members of various sects, the blasts have further triggered their hatred and differences against each other. Who exactly is behind all this? Some say a 'foreign hand is involved that wants to exploit these religious differences to their benefit while some are of the view that the members of these sects themselves are behind these blasts who want to establish their position in the religious affairs of society. The exact truth is hard to pin down. This is a sorry state of our society where we have zero tolerance to each others views and ideology. It is here that the role of religious scholars is stressing who are required to call the members of society towards what Islam teaches and what is right. The misery, however, is that the Islamic scholars themselves have molded the Islamic teachings to their benefit and are themselves divided in sects. The other pattern, as is evident from the blasts in Lakki-Marwat and Kohat, involves the brutal murder of Police Forces who have strengthened the front against extremists in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa where no major terror activity has been witnessed since past many months. The tactic of weakening a state lies in eliminating its law enforcement agencies, which is being done. The government must act beyond issuing the condemn statements and announcing compensation for the martyrs if they are interested in saving the country. BADAR UL ISLAM, Islamabad, September 8.