LAHORE - Unplanned and haphazard parking of vehicles by shoppers created hurdles in smooth vehicular movement, causing huge inconvenience to motorists travelling on arteries in the close vicinity of major City markets. Traffic mess continued to haunt the motorists travelling on roads where markets were located as people going on shopping spree before Eid. They parked their vehicles at their will and even in some cases completely ignoring the advice of traffic police personnel. Though the law enforcement agencies and traffic police personnel were deputed at all major business centres in the City, they hardly intervene whenever an intending shopper parked his/her vehicle at a place that could hinder smooth vehicular flow. The passing motorists complained about lack of interest on the part of the traffic police and apathy of intending shoppers that caused huge inconvenience to the common man. The government should have allocated suitable place for parking of shoppers vehicles. Traffic police should discourage illegal parking and force the shoppers to park their vehicles at specified places, said Muhammad Nasser, whose car was stuck up in traffic near Karim Block market, Allama Iqbal Town due to haphazard parking of vehicles. What else I can do except parking my car along the road when there is no proper place for the purpose. It is the responsibility of the government and business community to arrange suitable place for the parking of customers cars, said Muhammad Ashraf, who arrived for shopping at Moon Market. A warden deputed at a market, on the condition of anonymity, said: Yes, it is a dilemma but how we can stop people. Shoppers including women start quarrelling when we stop them from illegal parking. They promise to return back in few minutes, which always complete in one or two hours. This illegal parking causes mess but we do our best to ensure smooth vehicular flow. The little available space for passing vehicles is due to efforts of Traffic Police.