This regime seems to have an addiction of contempt for rule of law and public opinion, yet never tires of claiming their constitutional right for a full five year term of office. Every law-abiding democrat in Pakistan would like the strengthening of democratic constitutional rule in Pakistan. Mere wishes and rhetoric cannot help democracy to flourish, unless those elected are seen to respect laws, provide transparency, good governance and commitment for collective welfare of the people. As for respect of public opinion the obstinate and arrogant immaturity displayed to demands for replacements in PCB, NAB, PIA, NHA, Railways, OGRA, TCP etc, only invite a backlash, which would become more severe as time passes. The most recent of such controversies is the issue of the Prosecutor General of NAB, whose appointment has been declared unlawful forthwith, by none other than the Supreme Court of Pakistan. ALI MALIK, Lahore, September 8.