Americans have begun marking the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania with solemn reflection, emotion - and hope for the future. They refused to be driven out by the terrorists who struck the city on Sept 11 2001. And on Saturday, as a bell tolled at 8.46am to mark the minute that the first hijacked plane flew into the Twin Towers, they joined hands in a human chain of support and commemoration along the waterfront of lower Manhattan. Thousands of local residents, for whom 9/11 was an attack on their home as well as on a symbol of American might, linked hands with visitors from across the country and around the world as the nation began an emotionally-exhausting weekend of ceremonies and services marking the 10th anniversary of the atrocities. Rising in front of them as they reached out to friends, neighbours and strangers, was the new World Trade Center tower, soaring into the void left that day and destined to be America's tallest building.