KHYBER AGENCY - A decade back on this day the world had witnessed a horrible scene of the destruction of world trade centre which not only changed the course of world politics but also affected badly the lives of tribesman. After the 9/11 incident, the United States imposed a so-called war on terror on the people of Fata and made it a deadliest battleground for its inhabitants. The US along with her allies conducted drone strikes for hunting the al-Qaeda and killed hundreds of tribesmen including women and children besides destroying their houses, mosques, schools and even the whole infrastructure. Tribesmen expressed these views in a survey conducted by TheNation in connection with the 9/11 tragedy. The people of the area blamed that the American intelligence agencies did not waste any time in getting the worst incident of the US history investigated, and launched massive attacks on Afghanistan. The tribal people opined that after the 9/11, the US air force and its allies including Pakistan dismantled the social system and the Jirga institution in the entire Fata to keep the war on. The poor and the backward tribesmen had nothing to do with terrorism nor have the tribesmen invited the warring groups to seek shelter in the tribal belt and use this soil against anyone. It was all the dirty game that international players had wanted to play here, they remarked. The incapable rulers of the time had earned billions of dollars for imposing the war on terror on the tribal people, they added. The war against terrorism in Afghanistan caused harmful results for the tribesmen in Fata, Abdul Wahid Khan commented. In reaction to halt the supply of Nato through Khyber Pass under the notorious treaty of logistic support signed by the then dictator Pervez Musharraf, Taliban caused irreparable loss to the tribal transporters, common men and the local residents, he added. The growing insurgency in Khyber like other parts of Fata also brought the social and business activities to a halt, he opined, adding the extremists destroyed the educational institutes in the entire Fata that adversely affected the education of young generation and pushed the tribal region to the Stone Age, he regretted. The ongoing military operations and the militancy crushed the tribal and violated all the basic human rights but unfortunately the government and the judiciary did not take any notice to ease the miseries and sorrows of the innocent tribesmen, Iqbal Khan commented. The 9/11 proved a great disaster for Fata, Rahat Shinwari a social activist said. It brought civil war, insecurity, terror and instability to the entire region, he added. Arshad Ali, a young intellectual, said the tribal areas were associated with terrorists that led to the cruel and unjustified military operations in Fata. Due to military offensive millions of the modest and peace-loving people were forced to migrate from their hometowns to the safer places in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, he said, adding thousands of children, women and other people were killed in the war between militants and military. The business and trade centers, hujras, mosques and homes besides educational institutes were either bulldozed or blown up with explosive materials in Fata, he said.