OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE - The leaders PPP, PML-Q, PTI, and JI have said that Pakistan suffered human as well as economic losses by becoming US partner in its war on terror after the 9/11, while the US was termed the biggest aggressor on this planet. They also said that Pakistanis setting aside the emotional attitude should equip themselves with the weapons of science and technology in order to make the country invincible. Mohsin Leghari of PML-Q, Mehmood-ur-Rasheed of PTI, Ameer-ul-Azeem of JI and Sami Ullah Khan of PPP expressed these views while taking part in a debate titled 'The impact of 9/11 on Islamic world held under the auspices of The Nation, Nawai-e-Waqt and Waqt News at Hameed Nizami Hall on Saturday. Mohsin Leghari taking part in the debate said that nobody could fix the exact responsibility of the 9/11 incident on any group or individual even after ten years of the event. He said that Pakistan supported the US war on terror after 9/11, which gave more dead bodies to the countrymen than the assistance provided to Pakistan for its services in the war. He said that country was facing worst security situation and scores of people were being killed in the suicide attacks, besides huge economic losses. PML-Q leader said that America was holding talks with the Taliban, however Pakistan was taking a tough line against these forces. He proposed that the entire political lot should sit together to reach a unanimous decision whether Pakistan should support the US or not anymore. Mehmmod-ur-Rasheed said that the US staged a drama on 9/11 to invade the Muslim world, while the rulers should disassociate themselves from Americas war on terror immediately. He said that the current rulers were pursuing the policies of Pervez Musharraf regarding supporting the US on its war on terror. Ameer-ul-Azeem said that the entire nation would stand behind the political leadership if they rise against the US for its aggressive activities against the Muslim countries. He said that the rulers after taking practical steps for saying no to the dictates of the US, pursue Japan and the European countries to compel the Americans for adopting a peaceful policies. He said that more than 30000 people have been killed here after the 9/11, while Rs. 135 billion dollars have been spent from national exchequer on the US war on terror but Pakistan gain nothing except death and poverty. JI leader said that the US was the biggest terrorist, which didnt believe in the sovereign rights of other nations despite claiming itself a democratic nation. Sami Ullah Khan said that the nation should abandon emotional approach in dealing with the issues of international politics and focus on equipping themselves with the weapon of science and technology in order to make the country invincible. He said that Pakistan was not in a position to challenge the US, however Pakistan suffered major losses by supporting the America in terror war.