MARSEILLE, France (Reuters) - Group of Eight finance chiefs gathered in southern France on Saturday will pledge $38 billion in financing to Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Jordan over 2011-13, a G8 source told Reuters. Finance ministers and senior officials from the G7 major economies plus Russia are to extend an assistance partnership set up with Egypt and Tunisia at a May summit in Deauville, northern France, to bring in Morocco and Jordan. The financing, to support reform efforts in the wake of the Arab Spring uprisings, will be in addition to funding that could be available from the International Monetary Fund. International financial institutions at the G8 talks are expected to warn of the challenges faced by Arab Spring countries trying to tap external finance while faced with high risk perceptions and social and financial strains at home. Officials will likely call for enhanced access to developed country markets for North African and Middle Eastern products and labour to avoid aid dependency and help build up private sector industries, a source close to the talks said. The G8 meeting was tacked onto the end of a Group of Seven finance chiefs meeting on Friday in the Mediterranean port city of Marseille that pledged a coordinated response to the faltering global economic recovery but offered few specifics to appease beleaguered financial markets.