Our Staff Reporter ISLAMABAD - Terming the press conference of MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain as political gimmickry, central leader of PML-N and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly Ch. Nisar Ali Khan has said that it was just a wastage of time and a joke with the whole Pakistani nation. Commenting on Altafs videoconference Ch. Nisar Ali Khan said that Altaf Hussain was seeing all well for him and his party and pointed out flaws in other major political parties of the country. He regretted that Altaf Hussain had talked on all issues except the problems being facing the people of the country and yet he claimed to be the true representative of the poor people. Ch. Nisar further said that the way Altaf Hussain was seemed aloof and indifferent with the Karachi peace and the other major problems facing the people of Pakistan one could only pray for lasting peace in the port city which MQM claimed to be its stronghold. He said that he had never heard such a senseless and inept press conference by any political leaders in his whole political career wherein he (Altaf) had neither discussed any of the major problems confronting the people of Pakistan nor he had given any reply to the allegations levelled against his person and his party by former senior minister Sindh Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza. Ch. Nisar said that it was not 1940 and Altaf Hussain could not befool masses by his political gimmickry and instead of levelling baseless and non-sense allegations against other political parties he should have accepted his follies. He further said that every body knew it well that who had blocked the roads by placing containers on May 12 to stop the Chief Justice of Pakistans visit to Karachi and the same day their benefactor and patron the then President Gen. Pervez Musharraf had shown his fists to the whole nation in the evening of May 12 to reflect the strength of MQM. He regretted that in the whole situation the government was watching all this as silent spectator and leaving the whole nation in the thick of the situation were busy on their foreign sojourns. Portraying the grim picture of port city of Karachi where hundreds of innocent people fell pray to target killers and half of the province was hit by worst sort of floods the leaders like Altaf Hussain sitting in London was giggling and singing songs in his videoconference showing little concern for the people, whom he claimed is the sole leader.