ISLAMABAD - The Inquiry Commission on Abbottabad operation on Saturday visited Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Headquarter Air Defence Command, Chaklala, and attended a briefing. Air Officer Commanding (AOC) HQ Air Defence Command, PAF, Chaklala gave a detailed statement to the members of the commission, highlighting the events leading to Abbottabad operation, said a press release issued here by Cabinet Division. He elaborated functioning of radar system which forms the fundamental component of PAF air defence system. He informed the commission about various locations of low and high altitude PAF Radars and their operational readiness during war as well as peacetime. He indicated situations where Radar System can not detect an intruding aircraft/helicopter due to terrain limitations. He said that for the past many years and prior TO May 2, PAF has maintained peacetime posture on its western borders. The commission was also briefed by the pilots who flew aircraft for scanning the area for any intruders on the night between May 1 and 2. On learning about the operation, the Pakistan Air Force immediately took adequate operational measures as per standard operating procedure (SOP). PAF aircraft continued their presence in Abbottabad area till early morning, later recovered to their respective air bases. Air officer commanding and pilots of aircraft also responded to various questions asked by the commission. The commission will also visit Abbottabad from September 13 to 15 to see the site of incident and record the statements of witnesses.