OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE The gap between electricity demand and generation on Saturday went down to 2,000MW due to change in weather and better hydel generation. According to Pepco, the Fridays demand was 15,949MW while generation was 14,018MW; hence national grid faced shortfall of 1,932MW. The Pepco official said power shortfall likely to further decrease on Saturday. This is worth-mentioning that notable decrease in loadshedding is the result of better weather conditions and good generation at hydel front. The Pepco owned generation companies (GENCOs) and the IPPs are standing at their previous position and are generating electricity about half of their capacities. An official of Company informed that instead of improvement, the performance of GENCOs and IPPs is declining. As per Pepco, hydel generation is 6,599MW, thermal units and IPPs are standing at 1,776MW and 5,518MW respectively. The rental units are adding mere 124MW in the energy basket.