ISLAMABAD (APP) United Arab Emirates has emerged as the top during July-April 2010-11. An official in the Ministry of Commerce told here on Saturday that UAE imported basmati rice worth US$ 190.4 million during the period as compared to export of 1,84398 metric tons worth of US$ 162.6 million during same period of last year. Among other top Pakistani basmati rice importers, Iran was in the second by importing 1,13476 metric tons of basmati rice worth US$ 68.3 million during the period under review, he added. Iran had imported basmati rice 1,53207 metric ton worth $105.8 million during the period from July 2009 to April 2010, he added. Oman remain the third top destination of Pakistani rice during July-April 2010-11 as it has purchased 75,441 metric tons basmati rice and added about $70.1 million as against the purchase of 46,364 metric tons costing US$ 45.4 million during same period last year. The other top importers of Pakistani rice were Turkey with import of 65,469 metric tons worth $38.9 million, United Kingdom (UK) 60,789 metric ton of 48.3 million, Saudi Arabia 58,992 metric tons worth $50.4 million and Yemen imported 53,730 metric tons costing $44.9 million during the period under review. Pakistan produces different varieties of rice which are famous for their enriched taste and fragrance due to natural climate and soil qualities across the globe. The country also earned huge foreign exchange by exporting such varieties to UAE, UK, KSA, Russia and rest of the world. It may be recalled that about 7 million tons rice are produced annually in the country as against the domestic requirements of 2 to 3 million tons while rest of the produce export which contributes a huge amount of foreign exchange in the nation exchequer. The export of rice can be enhanced by exploring more foreign markets and facilitating the growers and exporters by giving them proper training of storage and packing as per international standard and huge.