A US city has unveiled its latest crime-fighting weapon - the worlds first CCTV AIRSHIP. The 'HB50 Hyperblimp is packed with hi-tech military technology to silently hunt for criminals and monitor crime scenes in Ogden, Utah. Measuring 54ft by 4ft, the helium-filled airship can stay aloft for seven hours, has a top speed of 40mph and can float up to 400ft. It is being hailed by city officials in Ogden - 35 miles north of state-capital Salt Lake City - as the latest way to tackle disorder in its crime-ridden neighbourhoods. The Ogden Police Department is the first metropolitan police force in the world to use the crime-fighting blimp. They hope to launch the cruise missile-shaped aircraft before Christmas. The $14,000 blimp is operated by remote control and steers using a battery-powered propeller. It also comes with a radar transponder and two CCTV cameras and weighs just 30lb. DM