I am writing in response to the news which was published in The Nation, August 26, 2016. It was related to child labour , stating that the Punjab Minister for Labour and Human Resource Raja Ashfaq Sarvar launched a project against child labour in Sialkot. Before this project, Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also been trying his best to combat this scourge.

Unfortunately, the CM was not successful in this project and his supposed good governance fell prey to a photo session. All the major political parties in Pakistan have been working for many years in government and they have also a lot of knowledge and experience about everything. Then why they are showing reluctance to solve these problems and unable to resolve some simple issues? No one tries to understand the root cause of child labour . Everyone starts with his own philosophy. Can you imagine the problems of a child who works day to night for some pennies? How much is he responsible for the bread and butter of his family? Is the state responsible for a child and his family whose father has died and he is the only hope of earning? If he goes to school, what will happen to his family, when no one is capable to earn? Everyone comes with the slogan, “every child will go to school” but no one explains who will pay for his books, uniform, food, daily expenses, etc.

A child cannot get education if he and his family members are hungry. If the state imposes its decisions by force, it will lead an increased crime rate. We cannot remove child labour until we focus on other deprivations.


Lahore, August 27.