“Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made.”

–Otto Von Bismarck

Bismarck’s critical view of formulating legislation is not too far from the truth. Pakistan’s legislative assemblies are problematic on all fronts, from the dubious intentions of the public’s representatives sitting in these assemblies, to structural issues such as a frequent lack of quorum in both the federal and provincial parliaments. The decorum with these houses is also unsightly to say the least. Frequent shouting matches erupt between the treasury and opposition benches, alongside altogether common displays of partiality by the speakers at the head. Debate based on quality arguments is infrequent and more often, heavy-handed rhetoric with little substance is the primary weapon employed by our politicians. A gradual change from the current crop of politicians to a more robust, well-educated and technically sound group of politicians is needed to change the level of argumentation and legislation within our federal and provincial assemblies.