The virus of poverty has spread in the world’s nations in general and poor states in particular. And the worst country to be poor in is Pakistan. A large number of people have to sleep under bridges, beg, and sometimes even steal bread to eat. It seems that poverty has permanently settled in Pakistan from decades. Our country, like others, is caught in the circle of poverty. It is estimated that 1,115 million people survive in poverty in a developed country.  

Similarly, illiterate teenagers of age 15 and above are 43.9m including 5.3 million females who cannot get educated because of poverty. In Pakistan, one doctor is available for 2000 patients and one nurse for 3000 patients. Undependable food suppliers, unsafe drinking water, pollution and other issues contribute to low life expectancy and increase the ratio of the poverty line. The rapid growth of poverty is causing child labour, a weak economy and corruption. Pakistan has been characterised by poverty throughout its history to its present times.  

Indeed, poverty is a threat to a country’s development. A long spell of poverty is a great menace to a state like Pakistan. The poverty stricken people of Pakistan have a bleak future. If Pakistan is to enter the 21st century with a developed economy, we will have to do all to break the vicious cycle of poverty. I argue for the government to take action and control the rapid growth of poverty as soon as possible. 


Turbat, August 26.