KARACHI - A special scholarship fund has been announced in memory of late Parveen Kassim, the founding Principal of Karachi High School (KHS), said a statement here on Thursday.

It said that the students, teachers and educationists from Pakistan, India and the UK shared heartfelt memories and expressed their love for Parveen Kassim, also the Chairperson of International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO) on the occasion of KHS Founder’s Day, organised to honour her legacy as an educationalist who bridged distances, impacted lives and challenged the odds, said a statement here on Thursday.

Continuing her lifelong tradition of supporting students unable to afford quality education, the management of Karachi High School announced a special scholarship fund in her name on the occasion for students based on talent, skills and special needs, the statement added.

Marked by touching recollections of her life as an educationalist who welcomed diversity and urged students to embrace their individuality and conquer their fears, Parveen Kassim’s motto ‘it’s okay to be different’ was prominently displayed on the occasion, and continues to be a tradition highly valued at KHS.

Messages from the students, staff and pupils of the Silverdale School in UK were also shared on the occasion.

“She inspired us all with her dedication and innovation and her achievements are both remarkable and memorable. Meeting her for the first time we were struck by her openness and her sense of humour, love for her family and school. She spoke with such pride of not only her schools achievements but the achievements and dedication of her staff and pupils. It was not difficult to admire you Parveen, and to hold you in high esteem. You had the like-ability factor and it impacted on us all.”

Former headmaster of Aitcheson College Lahore, also shared his fond memories on the occasion. “An outstanding administrator, educationist and a motherly figure of our country entered eternity leaving a huge void that may never be filled. It was not difficult to admire you Parveen, and to hold you in high esteem. We will never forget you and thank you for honouring us with your friendship and for being an inspiration and important part of all our lives.”

Recognised globally for her lifelong efforts to extend learning beyond the confines of the classroom, late Parveen Kassim was the recipient of the 2012 United Nation’s Global Educators Award for promoting innovation in education by hosting the yearly International Schools Educational Olympiad (ISEO), and forging long-term partnerships with schools in the UK, Australia and India for global video conferencing initiatives, exchange programmes and educational events.  

Widely hailed for breaking geographical barriers by promoting peace and friendships between young people from all across the world, Parveen Kassim was also the recipient of the Sonia Gandhi Award ‘Beyond Borders’ in Calcutta, India and the St. Joseph Convent School’s Woman of Substance Award.

Under her leadership, KHS became the first school in the country to be affiliated with Little League Baseball, USA.