It is interesting, when I came across women of substance a couple of weeks back and today decided to write about.

It is a story of a self-reliant, influential and ambitious woman who plans her goals quite clearly. Lets introduce an ordinary yet inspirational woman who attains power with her own efforts, making her identity in the business world by creating her own different presence.

Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered - this quote holds plentiful meaning, reflection and insight of this lady. Meet Ms Sumbul Sultan, who grew up in a family with instinct of safe behaviors and nurturing nature. Since childhood, the difference in her personality was exhibited in school by winning Punjab Children Dance Competition in 1996. In later stages of life, she attained merit scholarship in BS from University of the Punjab, Lahore and MS Environmental Engineering from the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Islamabad along with certain certifications.

She is an environmental engineer possessing experience of diverse sectors such as education, public trust, power sector and FMCG at a young age. She defined her professional success goals by herself and with this vision, she stepped into professional career in public trust in 2009.

I want to thrive, not just survive (Maya Angelou) is an exact phrase to show her attitude towards commitment. As per her belief, mission in life is not simply survive, but to thrive with passion, compassion, humor and full style (smiled while speaking).

She joined a hydro-power project located in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan at a junior level. During construction phase, she was stationed on the project site along with teams of diverse culture including Malaysia, Korea and United Kingdom etc. Being the only female residing at the project site among whole male workforce, away from her home town and family, demonstrated courage she possesses in herself. Since childhood, she has been a different personality among her family, holding dream to become the best in this challenging male-dominated society.

Talking about opportunities, challenges and failures, she narrated statement of her father that “You are allowed to scream; you are allowed to cry; but, do not give up.” With guidance from her mentors and family, she faced those challenges and continued her journey in business world.

Failure comes in the way of success. If there are failures, this shows that you are doing something for yourself, so stay resilient, create your own paths and move with more focused approach. No one in this world is perfect and so as this young girl. She lives in her own world, with thoughts and ideas to achieve her goals, exploring her strengths and improvement areas. Time passed and this little girl became a woman while focusing on her strengths, making it stronger and working on her improvement areas confidently so that she can always be one level up.

She joined multinational organization coming back to her home town, Lahore. Days passed and with her confidence, dedication, hard working nature and broadminded approach, she was promoted to Pakistan level in Safety in six years of her career as a whole. Under this umbrella, she was the pioneer of Commercial Safety in that organization (The Coca Cola Company) and has developed and executed certain projects to enhance business key performance indicators of safety.

During discussion with her, she narrated that her father used to tell her to put forward your opinion and ideas openly as nothing is wrong in it. If no one agrees, still they will allow you to come back to home (smiled while sharing). Refrain from building fear of being wrong. You may get corrected by someone, which is similarly beneficial for you because then you will gain more knowledge and new ideas. Explore new fields, get new ideas, rectify yourself and enjoy what you do! With this guidance, she took another courageous step by taking turn from Safety to Sales field. Through quick learning and smart work, she was awarded best performer in sales field in current year.

Belonging to the most vulnerable class of society, it is expected to remain silent on her beliefs. But, this woman always speaks about her stringent ideology, possess faith in her thinking and leads life with certain principles and values.

Thinking her personal social responsibility, voluntarily she gives lectures on women empowerment in most prestigious universities of Pakistan, thereby, inspiring students for determination and improvement in their goals.

She believes that life has a special purpose and one can conquer the world through continuous hard and smart work, positive attitude and by inspiring others.