PESHAWAR - At least 10 suspected militants were killed and five others injured Tuesday morning as a result of the alleged US drone attack on a compound of militants in Kaniguram area of South Waziristan Agency. Several missiles, allegedly fired by the US drone, hit the house of one Zangi Khan Barki in Kaniguram of Ladha Sub-Division in the wee hours of Tuesday and killed around 10 militants. All the killed persons were said to be the foreign militants though their exact identity has not yet been ascertained. Soon after the missile attack, the militants cordoned off the area and did not allow locals to participate in the rescue activities. The government officials also confirmed that 10 persons had died in the attack, however, local tribesmen said that 12 persons had been killed. They said that eight persons died on the spot whereas four others succumbed to injuries when they were being shifted to a hospital. The local officials said that Zangi Khan Barki was associated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan and had provided a compound to the militants for training purposes. Reuters/AFP add: The US drone strike occurred in same area of South Waziristan region where Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud is said to have been killed last week, officials and residents said. The drone attack took place near the small mountain town of Kanniguram in South Waziristan, a stronghold of Mehsud. Two missiles were fired by a US drone. It was a militant compound, a government official told AFP on condition of anonymity. Hamdullah Mehsud, a resident, said three missiles hit the large high-walled house. So far, eight bodies have been pulled out of the rubble, he told Reuters. Five people were wounded, he added. Kanniguram is seven kilometres south of Laddah, the village where a suspected US drone fired two missiles into the house of Mehsuds father-in-law last Wednesday.