DIAMER (Agencies) Lightning followed by flood and mudsliding played havoc in District Diamer of Gilgit-Baltistan, killing 47 people while 150 have gone missing. The leader of opposition in Gilgit-Baltistan Assembly Bashir Ahmad Khan told a private TV channel that as the lightning struck the ground, a heap of mud fell upon the village, destroying it completely and many of the villagers trapped under it. The mud slide also caused flooding in the local river which swept away more than 200 homes. The locals on self-help basis managed to take out 47 dead bodies and 70 injured from the rubble but unfortunately the injured have not been able to be shifted to hospital as the connecting bridge has also been destroyed. Bashir Ahmad Khan also said that almost 150 people are still missing and search operation is being carried out. While more than 2000 people have become homeless due to torrential rains at Gheez Bala near Chalas. The flood has destroyed Gheez Bala Bridge due to which all land connections with the area have been suspended.