LAHORE - After declaring 2010 as the Year of Animal Vaccination by administrative Secretary, the City District Government has 'nominated 63 officers and officials of the Livestock and Dairy Development Department in the Ramazan Sasta Bazaars, which has left a wide-gap behind in the service delivery during a weather which is considered to be a peak season for animal vaccination. Now after this, the veterinary hospitals and dispensaries have been virtually closed with only peons in attendance, while the animal and cattle breeders have been thrown at the mercy of the private practitioners and quacks. Because of this, the concerned believe that a huge loss will be incurred to livestock for the betterment of which the government has been raising embroidered slogans. Secondly, this scenario also portrays a dismal picture about the administrative capacity of the District Government for running the Sasta Bazaars. Interestingly, these officers and officials of the CDG Lahore - 21 veterinary doctors and 42 veterinary assistants - have been directed to perform such duties which do not fall within their ambit of either professional qualification or 'masters of the process of the Sasta Bazaars since they have to only show their presence sans any powers to check the quality and prices of meat. As per an order issued by the District Officer (Livestock) Dr Muhammad Ramzan, these officers and officials will have to ensure the availability of meat (beef, mutton and poultry) in coordination with the respective Meat Inspectors, while the Veterinary Officers will be incharge and responsible for the availability and quality of meat in respective 21 Sasta Bazaars in nine Towns of the CDGL. They will remain on this duty till the 11th of the coming month. Now the question arises about the law, which empowers these officers and officials to check the quality and availability of meat since it is only the Meat Inspectors and Price Control Magistrates, who can do so. We will be acting as mere spectators, and saluting those 'higher officers and political leaders visiting these Bazaars for photo sessions in the name of checking quality and availability of commodities, observed a veterinary officer, who, like his fellows, believe that since the rainy season and impending flood situation in the area, he should have been present in the veterinary hospital or dispensary, which are respectively 23 and 2 falling within CDGLs area. Now these centres are virtually locked when the farmers and livestock keepers - who are virtually dependent upon their animals for running their kitchens - need vaccination and treatment services, and cannot afford private veterinary facilities for their animals, opined the source, seeking anonymity. Last year, the then DO (Livestock) Dr Abdul Hameed Kasuri had refused the District Coordination Officer Sajjad Ahmed Bhutta for providing Veterinary Doctors to act as mere tools of administration since the latter were required in the hospitals, but the incumbent DO (Livestock) Dr Muhammad Ramzan - certainly in an effort to please the higher authorities - has deemed it better to actualise all orders sans any consideration of consequences for staying put in the slot. After his refusal, Dr Kasuri was transferred despite resistance by Secretary Livestock and Dairy Development Department Jehanzaib Khan. However, Dr Ramazan is working on contract since he has been posted here because of the ostensible support of Director General (Ext) Dr Irfan Zahid - on ex-Pakistan leave these days - otherwise it is beyond imagination that such an important slot is given to a novice in the headquarters of the biggest province, which also speaks volumes about the administrative acumen of the higher-ups, maintained the source. While rebutting the foregone facts, Dr Ramazan said it was a routine practice, and these officers and officers would be working on alternative days. These veterinary officers will be supervising the Bazaars sans closing the hospitals and dispensaries. Secondly, the assistants will adjust their duties on their own, and all these have been informed about it during the orientation, he maintained, while asserting that the hospitals and dispensaries would not be closed. In the same way, the City District Govt Faisalabad had also issued the same orders, but apparently, it a better sense had prevailed since the Chief Secretary is said to have directed to cancel such orders in the CDGF.