LAHORE - A sum of Rs 4,66,700 was donated to Nawa-i-Waqt Flood Relif Fund on Wednesday. The detail is as under:- In Karachi, Abdul Rehman Mirza donated Rs 5,000. In Aiman Abad, Mriza Farhat Baig donated Rs 1,000, Mrs Anjuman Ara Baig Rs 1,000, Ms Zia Baig Rs 1,000 and Ms S Baig donated Rs 5,000. In Lahore, Toyota Sha-heen Motors donated Rs 29,000, Zahid Mehmood Rs 5,000, Allah Rakha Rs 5,000, Shamim Ahmed Rs 1,00,000, Fahad Mubeen Rs 5,000, Saad Mubeen Rs 5,000, Muhammad Aslam Rs 15,000, Ms Sadaf Pervaiz Rs 10,500, Huzaifa Naveed from Sheikhupura Rs 500, Sohail Rawat Rs 2,200, Ms Aasia Ijaz Rs 10,000, unidentified philanthropist Rs 12,000, Sh Khuda Baksh Rs 5,000, Dr Muhammad Akram Jinnah Hospital Rs 10,000, Mian Farooq Altaf Rs 1,00,000, Shamim Ahmed Rs 25,000, Syed Abbas Rs 3,000, Mian Muhammad Fiaz Sialvi Rs 50,000, Prof Khawaja Irshad from Sargodha Rs 2,500, Azizur Rehman Akbar Rs 3,000, Muhammad Aslam Hashmi Rs 5,000, Muham-mad Zafar Latif Rs 1,000 and Javed Iqbal PECS Industry donated Rs 25,000. In Multan, Hamid Khan Durrani donated Rs 10,000, Pirzada Abdul Saeed donated Rs 15,000.