The water level in Indus River at Sukkur is declining but still is in dangerous zone and could be flooded. While the traffic between Sindh and Punjab has been suspended as floodwaters have inundated national highway from many points after a big crack appeared in a canal at Kot Sabzal near Sadiqabad According to Flood Forecasting Division, water outflow at Guddo Barrage is 1,96,978 cusecs whereas 11, 13,218 cusecs at Sukkur Barrage. Water outflow has been continuously rising at Kotri Barrage and water flow has been reached at 2,04000 cusecs level. In the area of Kot Sabzal near Rahim Yar Khan, National High way has been blocked due to shattering of canal's bank. According to Motor Way Police, traffic on high way has been blocked on emergency basis but the water has reached on high way due to crushing of canal bank. Police has said that light weight traffic is however continued on the highway whereas heavy traffic has been stopped till Rahim Yar Khan. Tele communication services between Punjab and Sind have effected badly because of water on highway. Meanwhile, many cracks have been appearing in a Bunder wall built along River Indus as security embankment in Sukkur district due to constant pressure of water in river. Floodtides have played devastation in Adda Basiran of Muzaffargarh and now are heading to Khan Garh and Rohela Waliki. More than 100 villages of Nowshero Feroz have been submerged while flash floods are marching towards Jacobabad. Most protection bunds along Indus River in Larkana have been sustaining immense pressure while most Katchi Abadies have been washed away by floodwaters in the area. Water pressure has been mounting persistently at Jamsheed Pur Loop Dyke, Alraja Gar Dyke and Fareedabad Dyke, which could be wiped away at anytime. 80 towns in Shah Jamal of Muzaffargarh have been affected. Meanwhile, more heavy rains in Malakand Division have killed more than 200 people, washing away over 150 link-bridges, hundreds of houses and shops. Thousands of people have been trapped within their areas with their residences completely destroyed. Flood-victims trapped in various areas of Kohistan District have been waiting for relief goods for last 15 days. 40-kilogram flour price has surged up to Rs.5000 is some areas. Skin and other diseases are breaking out in flood-stricken places.