Burki murder suspects court arrest

The five accused of killing five members of a family in Burki surrendered to police on Saturday. They included head of the Lathia group, Iftikhar Ahmad, and his accomplices Waqar Ali, Qadeer Hussani, Zulfiqar alias Soni and Ashraf alias Goga. The police were in contact with the suspects through backchannel negotiations which resulted in arrest of the accused. The accused agreed to surrender on the condition that the police would not kill them in “staged encounter”, a police official said. The official added that after assurance by the police, they appeared at a previously decided place near Lytton Road and surrendered them to the police high ups present there. The police shifted them to the Sarwar Road police station. Still four more accused nominated in the FIR lodged against them with the Barki Police Station were at-large.  Quoting Iftikhar, the ringleader of the group, the police official said only those surrendered to the police were involved in the murder of five persons in Phularwan area of Braki incident.

Shehbaz praises women MPs

PML-N President Shehbaz Sharif has highlighted the role of women parliamentarians for strengthening democracy. “I am proud of the party women who always played a pivotal role in promoting democratic norms, said Shehbaz while speaking to PML-N women elected on reserved seats at the Model Town Secretariat Saturday.  The party president also took the women parliamentarians into confidence on formation of government at the national and the provincial level. Shehbaz also asked the party members and the parliamentarians to continue playing their role in strengthening democracy.