KARACHI   -  MQM senior leader Farooq Sattar has dubbed general election 2018 as sleeping elections.

Talking to media men here Saturday, he said he had never seen such a sleeping election  as RTS system was sleeping, secret cameras were sleeping at the time of counting of votes and chief election commissioner was sleeping in the morning.

He said the PPP says rigging has taken place therefore it should stand by his party.

“It has remained my desire that a good working relationship should be forged with the PPP so that difference of urban and rural class could be bridged in Sindh. We have been endeavouring on our own to bridge this gap but the PPP which is ruling Sindh for 10 years has widened this gap,” he said.

He alleged heavy taxes were imposed and loot and plunder spree was rampant.

Commenting on Maulana Fazlur Rehman’s August 14 statement, he said it is a matter of satisfaction that Maulana has not been declared a RAW agent so far.

Had this statement come from any leader of MQM, he would have been stamped as RAW agent by now, he added.