Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan on Sunday convened huddle of PTI’s parliamentary party to hold consultation over voting in the National Assembly for speaker, deputy speaker and prime minister (PM), sources said.

The sources added that Imran Khan would preside over the meeting, which is going to be held in Islamabad’s private hotel. Imran has made presence of every member mandatory in the session.

Imran Khan would issue guidelines to the newly-elected members of NA and would also take them into confidence. Shah Mahmood Qureshi — during the same huddle — would brief members about the procedure of the voting for aforementioned slots.

Earlier today, the PM-designate held in-depth discussions with the senior leaders of his party over names for Punjab chief minister (CM) and formation of federal cabinet.

The Constitution makes it mandatory to convene NA session within 21 days of general elections. In the first session, newly elected members of the lower house of the parliament will take oath. Following this, the MNAs will go into voting to pick their speaker and deputy speaker. The ballot for prime minister and opposition leader will held shortly after.

PTI’s tally in NA has reached 158 after Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) allotted reserved seats for women and minorities. Taking into account the numbers of coalition partners, PTI is well in position to form government in the Centre.