Junoon, the sufi rock band of Pakistan, is all set to make a comeback after 13 years. Yes, you heard it right folks!

Thanks to the number one selling biscuit brand, Peek Freans Sooper. This reunion is aimed at uniting the people of Pakistan through Junoon's legendary and inspiring sufi music.

Comprised of trio Salman Ahmed, Ali Azmat, and Brian O' Connell, Junoon has always been in the hearts of people. Then and now, we missed them, didn’t we?

Being the first-ever Asian band to perform at the Roskilde Festival in Denmark, this band has shared the stage with international ones like Oasis, Pearl Jam, Pet Shop Boys and Bush.

Junoon received a golden disc when their album “Azaadi” became a super hit in Asia. And how can one forget its first real big hit “Jazba-e-Junoon” from the 1996’s Cricket World Cup - it still makes everyone super nostalgic.

Putting an end to fans’ misery, Salman Ahmad in June said, “Stay Tuned. Never say never! Hope is a game changer!”

Recently, the three music giants were seen in a video singing the popular melody 'Yaroon yehi dosti hai' and discussing the to-be-released project with EBM, ‘Sooper Hai Pakistan Ka Junoon'.

As we approach Pakistan's 71st Independence Day, we truly believe that this duo is going to be a sooper hit, with sureness that Pakistan is indeed a sooper nation because Junoon brims within its people, something we all have been waiting for since a very long time.

EBM's Head of Marketing, Ayesha Janjua, in a statement to the press, said, "This initiative is our contribution towards uniting people with a shared objective; to rise up against the status quo and realise their true potential. Junoon's music which has established connections across age groups has the power to bring people onto one platform and inspire them to make a change."

In the coming months the brand aims to bring more exciting events and activations under the "Sooper Hai Pakistan ka Junoon" campaign.

Plainly, we sooper thank Sooper, once more!