The Lahore High Court Chief Justice Muhammad Yawar Ali on Saturday constituted nine election tribunals to hear “election petitions” to be filed by runner up candidates in the 2018 general election. The election tribunals formed under section 140 of “The Election Act 2018” shall have the powers of a civil court trying a suit under Code of Civil Procedure 1908. According to the details,  four one-member tribunals will be at principal seat as Justice Mamoon Rashid Sheikh, Justice Tariq Abbasi, Justice Shahid Jamil Khan and Justice Chaudhry Muhammad Iqbal will hear the election petitions.  Justice Sardar Ahmed Naeem, Justice Mujahid Mustaqeem Ahmed and Justice Tariq Iftikhar Ahmed would work as tribunals at Multan seat, Justice Muhammad Ameer Bhatti at Bahawalpur seat while Justice Mirza Waqas at Rawalpindi seat.