Lahore - Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG), Forman Christian College Organises International Conference

The Centre for Public Policy and Governance (CPPG), Forman Christian College is organising an international conference in collaboration with the Embassy of France in Pakistan on 12-13 December 2013. The two day event entitled “Social Change and Security Imperatives: Challenges for Leadership and Democratic Governance in Pakistan” will be held at FC College premises. The conference aims to explore key drivers and issues of social change in Pakistan and will bring together academics and experts from around the world for the purpose of enhancing our understanding of Pakistan and its predicaments.

The inaugural session of the conference will take place on December 12th at 9am and will be chaired by Professor Ahsan Iqbal Minister for Planning, Development & Reform/Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan. The inauguration will also be attended by Martine Herlem Hamidi, Counselor for Cooperation & Cultural Affairs, Embassy of France in Pakistan; Dr James Tebbe, Rector FC College and Dr Saeed Shafqat.

Pakistan has survived significant upheaval since its creation. The country has served as the center point for the global war on terror, and as a parallel has seen increased religiosity and the rise of militant Islam within its borders.

Pakistan has also undergone a turbulent transition to democracy in an era of globalisation, and is still adapting to resultant challenges in governance. Globalisation has also brought along a different set of issues such as rapid urbanisation, rampant consumerism, and an infusion of technology (video, television, internet, and mobile phones) into all aspects of everyday life. These factors have had a deeply transformative impact on Pakistani state and society, serving as the key drivers of change. 

As a consequence, the socioeconomic and politico-cultural milieu of Pakistan today appears complex and at times deeply paradoxical. This intricate and multifarious environment also demands greater study, and a deeper understanding of the drivers behind it. The political leadership, political parties and the military are confronted with combating these challenges.

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