LAHORE - FIA has started inquiry against Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL), Regional Manager, Sheikhupura on his alleged involvement in gas theft of worth millions in his area, said an FIA officer here on Wednesday.

He said that FIA Crime Circle conducted raid on a food factory along with SNGPL officers at Begumkot area and found two gas meters installed at same factory and involved in gas theft. FIA officer was of the view that installation of two gas meters at same premises was illegal while Central Metering Workshop (CMW) staff reported that both the meters were tempered. Senior Distribution Engineer SNGPL Shahdara in his report prepared on November 22, 2013, said, “We have disconnected both commercial meters on the basis of installed on same premises and consumer failed to produce documents of separate ownership of the both meters.  One meter was involved in power generation through gas generator of 15 Kw on commercial connections which is again violation of gas sale agreement. These disconnected meters are being sent to CMW for FPR. After disconnection line was capped. The CMW staff after examination of the meters said that both the meters were tampered”. FIA on the basis of this report registered an FIR against Muhammad Shahbaz and matter was sent to Court. But here the story took interesting turn and after matter was sent to court SNGPL Regional Manager Sheikhupura Muhammad Hanif Ramay destroyed the report of CMW which was proof of the tampering and illegal installation of two meters at the same premises.

RM ordered of reinstallation of the meters without charging bill on the basis of actual consumption..

FIA has started inquiry against Muhammad Waheed Saani and Muhammad Hanif Ramay and their right hand man meter reader Zubair. FIA officer said that SNGPL officers only charged Rs 1.6 million instead of Rs 10 million.